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American family insurance(aka AmFam)Life insurance

American family insurance launched on 3rd October, 1927. Now, it has completed 100 years of
professional services. This company was started in Madison, Wisconsin when a sales man
Herman pinged the doors of Farmers Mutual insurance Company. On that time, this insurance
agency was offering only auto insurance, where as farmers was targeted market. It was the
Wittwer’s believe that farmers offering lower risks than city drivers because they drove less
often and almost never in the session of winter.

With the passage of time, Farmers Mutual increase its market share and production line so that
they can meet the challenges of changing world. Also they were intent to meet needs and
demands of their customers. As well as, in the same year Farmers Mutual changed their name to
cover the boarder range of customer. They named it American Family Mutual Insurance, by
changing this name they was trying to reflect a message that now they are appealing to whole
American customers.

Functional Zone of American Family Insurance amfam

This family insurance group is located in the city Madison of Wisconsin. And from 2011 it created 4
more regional corporate headquarters for the convenience of their customers. Their headquarters are
located in Columbus, Ohio, Denver, Colorado, Saint Joseph, Missouri and in Minnetonka/Eden Prairie
also among others.

Insurance Plan by American Family Insurance amfam

There are several types of insurance plan and packages which this agency is offering. It is
offering universal, term and life insurance for whole life; business, personal and auto insurance;
home insurance; motorcycle, motor home and boat, personal umbrella insurance, car and
snowmobile insurance; business policy package and business liability key policy insurance;
medical, global, trip cancellation, travel, farm and ranch liability insurance.

Awards for American Family Insurance amfam

This insurance group providing excellent services to their customers and their customer are also
quite satisfied to the services. That is why this insurance agency has won many awards, and these
awards are now prove and acceptance of their performance. It was selected as recipient of the
award by National Safety Council in 2010 for Teen Driving Safety Leadership award. In “Teen
Safe Driver Program” company fix video camera in vehicles especially in cars and keep record
of these video. This system is called Drive Cam system. They provide these recorded video to
the parents of teen drivers so that they can give back their feedback to the insurance company.
This program was very effective to reduce the number of accidents, also it was analyzed by the
scientists at the University of Lowa and validated, and these scientists ensure that it will reduce
70% dangerous and risky driving behavior.
American family insurance

Contribution in charity amfam

American Family Insurance as well supports charity’s activities. They announced to create children’s hospital
and of worth more than $10 million. They announced this decision on 4 th March and the place they have
selected for this hospital was University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. From that initial gift, they have
increase the amount by many more millions through additional corporate donations, agents and employees.
This hospital took many years to complete and finally it was opened in 2007 for business.

Overview of American Family Insurance amfam

This family insurance agency is private and mutual company, which pays very well attention to
their clients and their primary focus is on casualty, property and on auto insurance, also they
offers home owners coverage, health insurance, life insurance and commercial insurance. As
well as they offer retirement planning and investment products for the customers of United States
of America.

Reputation amfam

American family insurance has created its very high profile reputation on solid and sound
practical principles. They do great struggle to deliver their customer industry top services,
smooth claims experience and products which could help to clients and company to develop long
term relationships. They achieved such targets by creating friendly and attractive policies, so that
it would be easy for the policy holder to work with this insurance agency. As they know very
well their just like a family member. So this insurance agency trying to keep their standard high
and even highest in the market while making their business rules. Integrity is their thumb rule
and also its part of Americans culture. After spending that much with their professional services
now it’s time for American family insurance to enjoy their reputation which is purely trust and
sincerity based relationship, which they have build with their customers which could be
determined by the their past experience and their services. This is an example set by skilled
employees of insurance agency. Also this is a very good way to do business and it could bring
more customers for insurance agency.

amfam Specialties

Business Insurance, Property Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance

Championship American Family Insurance amfam

This insurance agency also participate in sport activities, so that they can help society to create
healthy end active events. Which may also help to people of society to keep them active, healthy.
Also because of the family insurance believe healthy and sports activities and create healthy
mind. So, they are continuously arrange championship with 100% success ration. In this
championship more than 56,000 peoples attended event of PGA Tour Champions at Ridge
University. Kirk Triplett was the person who presented the winner’s trophy “Dream Achieved”
in front of the audience. Local charities was proceeded as big winner was expected to reach more
than one million dollars.


4061 Eliza Ave, Bellingham, WA 98226, United States
Phone:+1 360-527-1100
Hours: Open today · 8:30AM–6PM         Labor Day might affect these hours

customer service

American Family Insurance. Call us anytime at 1-800-692-6326. We are here for you, 24/7, 7 days a week. For questions, chat online with a customer service representative.

Conclusion about American Family Insurance amfam

This agency believe that your dreams are much more worthy than anything else. Dreams can
give you energy to live life better. And almost every person of this world try to follow their
dreams just to make their life perfect and to live life ideally. Family insurance helps to each and
every customer of that agency to convert their dreams in to reality. With believe that dreams and
much more worthy than any kind of end results. There are hundreds and thousands of success
stories of the successful peoples who did achieve their dreams with the help of this insurance

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